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AVL Black History Matters Part 2

Last week to see this at the Odds Cafe in West Asheville. Here are some more pics from the printing of my large linocut at the wonderful Bookworks…If anyone is interested in learning more about our rich history check out the links on Ami Worthen’s Asheville Action blog and check out her inspiring work and new post about the African Americans in WNC conference.
Laurie Corral the owner operator of Bookworks
Artist DeWayne Barton looks on!

Holy Grail

I was asked to create a poster for the 40th anniversary of Monty Python and the Holy Grail screening hosted by a cool new movie theater (Grail Movie House) here in Asheville. I was happy to oblige as the film is one that I have loved since childhood. I got a flash of inspiration and created a crazy image of the knights who say “Ni!” inspired by a mideval style! My friend and colleague Phil Cheney and I screen printed the posters at Cheney Graphics and they will be for sale soon on my etsy and at the event…

Asheville Black History Matters

I have been working on this piece for a month solid. Bookworks sponsored a 2nd steam roller print event in which we select few artists create a large linocut that would be pressed and printed with a steam roller.

Asheville is my community and I chose this subject matter inspired by the use of printed works to further democracy.

My artist’s statement:

 I was inspired by lectures of Dr. Darin Waters of UNCA about “collective historical memory” and as a white Ashevillian felt like it could be a learning experience that I could pass on through this work and inspire others in my community to take a look at the rich history that is in danger of becoming forgotten as our town becomes more homogenized.
I will post a finished print soon with some pertinent  information…

Eliminate William…

I was asked to create a series of prints for the Blind Pig Supper Club. Chef Sarah Cousler designed a 5 course meal for foodie patrons with the theme of the movie Kill Bill. Normally I do linocuts but was pressed (no pun intended) for time so I hand drew some ink drawings then screen printed them with master printer Phil Cheney and hand painted each one…and the results:
These will be for sale at my etsy and at the upcoming Big Crafty!

Back Online…kinda

Well alright. Not the best way to start a post but anyway…So I have been using this as a way to get my art “out there”. Someone said to me recently “oh you got to get a facebook account just for publicity”. People say this with the same exasperated tones I hear when my parent/friends tell me I should be having babies. However I am yet to be shown the benefits of children or facebook accounts- both may have their places but by and large they seem to cause distress upon the user/parent and do more harm than good to the world at large! But I digress…
Am I wrong to keep myself in a social media blackout or should I enter the age of enlightenment and start “really selling myself”?
I will stick to the blog and will not promise but will do my best to keep a regular flow of weird art pieces coming at ya so faithful few do not despair! I think I’ve said this before…