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Artist based in Asheville, NC.

Asheville Black History Matters Pt.3

As this longer than usual leap year February progresses to it’s extra final day, I will call attention to observance of Black History Month and share my latest incarnation of the linocut piece that I completed last year. The new print is on handmade wood panels and is in limited edition of 6! You can read my artist statement about this piece and that says a lot, but I still find myself gaining insight into the few figures I highlight in the piece.
When I read what little there is to read about Tempy Avery, I realize that my own neighborhood was a part of her history as she was given several parcels of land in Montford which she passed down to her relatives…
Dr. William Trent is featured prominently in a band photo that has made the rounds in Asheville for the past few years and I even have a print of it on my wall!

E W Pearson is a name that comes up often when talking to my buddy artist Dewayne Barton about his community…Pearson was the founder of the Burton St. Community, and much more.
I also encourage anyone interested to check out what Dr. Waters (whose quote on the print inspired its making) is up to and what he has to say! He consistently comments on the state of Black Asheville and the historical implications of current events…
Above is a detail of the city of Asheville reproduced from a 1919 photo featuring the YMI cultural center in the lower right hand corner.

I am also learning about screen printing. These newer incarnations are screened onto wood giving me more flexibility of surfaces to print on…Phil Cheney and I created a large tabletop print station to handle such a large screen so that the finished product is the same size as the original 3 foot X 3 foot linocut!

I have a couple of these pieces available at Horse and Hero (a wonderful gallery of my peers where the print was filmed for local news WLOS!) if you are interested or you can contact me directly!


Big Crafty

Once more I am honored to show art alongside some of the most talented artists of the Asheville area at the Big Crafty downtown this Sunday!
Here I am showing last week at the incredible Good Folk Fest in Louisville Ky- land of me!

AVL Black History Matters Part 2

Last week to see this at the Odds Cafe in West Asheville. Here are some more pics from the printing of my large linocut at the wonderful Bookworks…If anyone is interested in learning more about our rich history check out the links on Ami Worthen’s Asheville Action blog and check out her inspiring work and new post about the African Americans in WNC conference.
Laurie Corral the owner operator of Bookworks
Artist DeWayne Barton looks on!

Holy Grail

I was asked to create a poster for the 40th anniversary of Monty Python and the Holy Grail screening hosted by a cool new movie theater (Grail Movie House) here in Asheville. I was happy to oblige as the film is one that I have loved since childhood. I got a flash of inspiration and created a crazy image of the knights who say “Ni!” inspired by a mideval style! My friend and colleague Phil Cheney and I screen printed the posters at Cheney Graphics and they will be for sale soon on my etsy and at the event…

Asheville Black History Matters

I have been working on this piece for a month solid. Bookworks sponsored a 2nd steam roller print event in which we select few artists create a large linocut that would be pressed and printed with a steam roller.

Asheville is my community and I chose this subject matter inspired by the use of printed works to further democracy.

My artist’s statement:

 I was inspired by lectures of Dr. Darin Waters of UNCA about “collective historical memory” and as a white Ashevillian felt like it could be a learning experience that I could pass on through this work and inspire others in my community to take a look at the rich history that is in danger of becoming forgotten as our town becomes more homogenized.
I will post a finished print soon with some pertinent  information…

Eliminate William…

I was asked to create a series of prints for the Blind Pig Supper Club. Chef Sarah Cousler designed a 5 course meal for foodie patrons with the theme of the movie Kill Bill. Normally I do linocuts but was pressed (no pun intended) for time so I hand drew some ink drawings then screen printed them with master printer Phil Cheney and hand painted each one…and the results:
These will be for sale at my etsy and at the upcoming Big Crafty!